We are the world’s first multi-sovereign venture capital fund, stimulating the trans-Atlantic deep tech landscape


Our commitment to geographic diversity makes us one-of-a-kind. The NIF will make direct investments into start-ups located in any of the 23 participating Allied nations, as well as indirect investments into deep tech funds with a trans-Atlantic impact.

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The NIF will provide Allied innovators in the Participating Allied countries with massive market opportunity, patient capital and technological diligence & validation - tremendous advantages for any deep tech innovator.

Market Opportunity

Our reach is far and wide, with commercial and government market access spanning 23 countries and their respective ecosystems. 

Patient Capital

The NIF will lead early stage investments with initial cheque sizes of up to EUR 15 million to satisfy the needs and timelines of deep tech innovators. 

Technological Diligence & Validation

Our networks are unmatched, with nearly 90 NATO-affiliated test centres and more than 6,000 Allied scientists to pressure-test solutions. 


We are cultivating a pipeline of responsibly developed emerging and disruptive technologies with immense impact on the Alliance’s ability to protect its people and to secure a more peaceful and sustainable future.  

Aligning with NATO’s Principles of Responsible Use in areas like AI and data exploitation, our values remain vital to achieving our mission. We are guided by the Alliance’s frameworks for gender equality and climate security, and embed Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) elements into our daily deal making.

Read more about how we are promoting these characteristics in our Sustainability-Related Disclosures.


Our sister initiative, the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic, or DIANA, is helping us radically depart from old ways of working.

Together, we will engage early and often with the Alliance’s deep tech venture capital communities to shore up talent and technology. 

DIANA and the NIF will collaborate closely, creating an innovative pipeline and reinforcing each other's shared vision for a more peaceful future.

Participants in DIANA's programmes will be awarded grants and gain exposure to the NIF, and there may be opportunities for DIANA start-ups to receive NIF funding. 

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