Investing €1 billion+ to secure the future

Who we are

A standalone venture capital fund backed by 24 NATO allies, deploying €1 billion+ in deep tech

We empower deep tech founders to address challenges in defence, security, and resilience. We invest independently, with 24 nations supporting our portfolio’s success.


NIF Benefits

Providing deep tech entrepreneurs in the transatlantic deep tech sector with unprecedented access to 24 allied governments, who have not only invested in NIF, but also work closely with us to provide access to both commercial and government markets.

Unprecedented Customer Reach

Offering market access to both commercial and government sectors across 24 countries, along with their diverse ecosystems

Lead Investor and Long Term Partner

We lead initial investments with up to EUR 15 million, with substantial reserves for subsequent rounds. The NIF invests with a long term approach, ensuring it meets the needs of various deep tech timelines.

Extensive Deep Technology Networks

With our extensive and unmatched networks across the Atlantic, we have direct access to nearly 90 NATO-affiliated test centres and over 6,000 Allied scientists.


Our geographic coverage makes us one-of-a-kind

  • Participating NATO Allies
  • Regional Offices
  • NIF Headquarters
  • NIF Domiciliation

Belgium; Bulgaria; Czechia; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Spain; Sweden; Türkiye; United Kingdom

Poland; United Kingdom




You’ve met the Portfolio. Now meet the team

Collaborating closely with a distinguished Board of Directors and Limited Partners engaged in government, venture capital, innovation, and defence, the founding team brings together over six decades of collective experience in deep tech.


Questions? We’re glad you asked

What is the NIF?

The NATO Innovation Fund is a standalone venture capital fund, backed by 24 NATO Allies, that invests in cutting-edge science and engineering startups to strengthen the defence, security and resilience of our nations.

Working in partnership with our portfolio companies, other venture funds, and Allied governments, the NIF accelerates deep tech adoption across countries and transforms how nations and businesses work together to face emerging challenges.

Is this a corporate venture capital arm of NATO?

No. We are a standalone venture capital fund. The NATO organization is not invested financially or involved in decision-making. Our capital comes from 24 sovereign countries in the NATO alliance.

While our team are not NATO employees, we have a unique relationship with NATO which means we deeply understand the needs of Allies, working closely with our portfolio companies to commercialise, scale and implement their technologies across industries and governments.

NATO founded the NATO Innovation Fund as part of its NATO 2030 initiative to transform how startups bolster defence, security and resilience in nations and businesses across the alliance.

Are you a defence fund?

We are a deep tech fund that invests in cutting-edge science and engineering startups that can strengthen the defence, security and resilience of Allied nations. We identify opportunities across all 24 participating Allied nations, investing in the mission of collective security and prosperity, whether in energy, materials science, artificial intelligence, data and computing, autonomy, quantum computing, biotechnology, or space.

I see the 9 deep tech verticals you are investing in. What are additional requirements and stages for investment?

Our initial ticket size is up to 15M. We prefer to lead rounds with a significant stake in your success, including board involvement and heavy reserves for follow-on capital through to exit.

Typical first checks are Seed through Series B. Geography-wise, you must be headquartered in one of our LP nations, listed on the map.

Do you invest in startups or funds?

Both. Our fund of funds program is committed to supporting key partners in our scope and mission. We back founders and funds whose conviction about the potential for deep technologies to solve the challenges to defence, security and resilience match our own.

How do I get funding?

Like other venture capital funds, the quickest way is to get an introduction to a member of our team. Otherwise, please send an investor presentation and short summary of your company to [email protected].

How are you related to DIANA?

DIANA is a NATO accelerator, and DIANA employees are NATO employees. They run a competitive global accelerator program, support founders through education and access to scientific testbeds, and issue nondilutive grants.

NIF is a standalone venture capital fund, leading investment rounds, serving on boards, and providing equity funding. We do not issue government grants or run applications for programs.

NIF and DIANA were both launched as part of NATO 2030 and retain a unique tie to multi-sovereign governments stakeholders who are exceptionally supportive of our mission.

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