August 1, 2023

NATO Innovation Fund closes on EUR 1bn flagship fund

Twenty-three NATO Allies have officially become Limited Partners of the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), which is preparing to make its initial investments later this year. The Participating Allies* have also welcomed Sweden’s interest to join the NIF. Sweden’s participation will take effect upon its accession to the North Atlantic Treaty.

Innovation in emerging and disruptive technologies must be responsible and led by fundamental principles: safety, freedom, and human empowerment. All of which are synonymous with NATO’s democratic values and the NIF’s mission.

Andrea Traversone

Managing Partner, NIF

Sweden’s contribution will add to the current EUR 1 billion venture capital fund, boosting the investible capital of the NATO Innovation Fund and bolstering innovative capacity across the Alliance.

The NATO Innovation Fund is the world’s first multi-sovereign venture capital fund and will invest in start-ups developing cutting-edge technological solutions, leveraging the potential for commercial innovation to address critical defence and security challenges. The Fund’s Limited Partners include 23 NATO Allies at the highest levels of government, venture capital, innovation and defence. The Fund will make direct investments into start-ups located in any of the 23 participating Allied nations, as well as indirect investments into deep tech funds with a trans-Atlantic impact. It will provide patient capital to meet the needs and timelines of deep tech innovators and to secure an enduring future for the Alliance’s 1 billion citizens.

Participating NATO Allies: Belgium; Bulgaria; Czechia; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Spain; Türkiye; United Kingdom

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As a member of NATO, Sweden will contribute to the strength of the Alliance, not only through our geo-strategic location and military capabilities, but also through a vibrant security and defence industry that promotes innovation and development of cutting-edge technology. This is further enabled through participation in the NATO Innovation Fund.

Mr. Pål Jonson

Minister of Defence, Sweden

This year’s Summit set Sweden further on track to becoming the 32nd country to join our Alliance, and this historic step will make way for Sweden to participate in the NATO Innovation Fund and to contribute to its important mission.

Mr. David van Weel

Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO

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