May 22, 2024

The NATO Innovation Fund introduces high-calibre team

When the NATO Innovation Fund was founded nearly one year ago, we knew that supporting top deep tech founders in defence, security and resilience for Allied nations would require a diverse, experienced and committed team. That’s why we are excited to introduce our world-class investment and operations team, with a breadth of expertise in deep tech across a large range of sectors.

They join our founding team that have worked over the past 12 months to kickstart the fund’s investment activity, including Managing Partner Andrea Traversone, Kelly Chen, Patrick Schneider-Sikorsky, Thorsten Claus and Chris O’Connor.

Introducing our Investment Team

The newly hired investment team has extensive technical experience in areas including AI, energy and climate, quantum, materials, space tech, and semiconductors. Together with the founding partners they will identify cutting edge startups, support leading founders, and help bolster the defence, security and resilience of Allied nations.

As we look to transform how nations and businesses work together to create a stronger startup ecosystem, our associates will also deploy their experience working across industry, government, and deep tech innovation.

“A thriving VC ecosystem requires investors with diverse backgrounds and a strong technical understanding of the technologies they are investing in,” said Andrea Traversone. “We are very proud to have brought together a team with deep technical expertise, varied backgrounds and a passion for driving technological innovation, that’s already helping drive deep tech innovation in Europe and beyond.”

Introducing our Operations Leaders

Our operations team joins NIF with a variety of perspectives and expertise which is integral not only to the effectiveness of our investment team, but also to the growth of our portfolio companies.

They ensure we operate at the highest financial, ethical, and governance standards as we collaborate with the participating NATO Allies and portfolio companies to transform how nations respond to some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

“We are lucky to have an incredible operations team that brings together decades of experience and a breadth of expertise across industries” said Andrea Traversone. “With a deep understanding of VC, private equity, deep tech, and governance, our operations leaders are essential to our ability to work together with founders and NATO Allies and translate our mission into impact with a bold portfolio of investments.”

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