NATO Innovation Fund

A standalone venture capital fund backed by 24 NATO allies deploying
€1 billion+ in deep tech

We empower deep tech founders to address challenges in defence, security, and resilience. We invest independently, with 24 nations supporting our portfolio’s success.

Our Focus

Deep tech for Defense, Security, Resilience

We invest in cutting-edge science and technology, supporting ambitious founders to secure the future for the alliance’s one billion citizens – whether by protecting infrastructure from subsea to space, enabling the climate and energy transition, or ensuring resilient supply chains across all sectors.

Novel Materials and Manufacturing

Investing in novel materials and manufacturing heralds a future where innovation thrives, shaping sustainable solutions and unlocking a world of possibilities.


Energy innovation ensures a sustainable future and cleaner, more efficient solutions that will power our world responsibly and contribute to a greener tomorrow.


A future filled with endless possibilities and a profound understanding of our universe, all for the benefit of future generations.

Artificial Intelligence

A catalyst for technological innovation, it promises transformative benefits for our future; driving efficiency, and unlocking unprecedented opportunities.


Advanced technologies that will enhance efficiency, safety, and convenience, a new era of innovation that can transform the way we live and work.


Technology with immense promise for shaping our futures, and revolutionising our lives. With profound implications for our technological landscape.


Driving innovation, providing answers to urgent global issues, and moulding a future that is both sustainable and health-conscious.

Hypersonic Systems

Ongoing progress in hypersonic systems could hold the potential to revolutionise our approach to security, mobility, and exploration.

Next-Generation Communications

Set to transform our future with the promise of improved mobile connectivity and seamless information flow with innovations in technology, business, and daily life.


You’ve read about the Portfolio. Now meet the team

Collaborating closely with a distinguished Board of Directors and Limited Partners engaged in government, venture capital, innovation, and defence, the founding team brings together over six decades of collective experience in deep tech.

We invest today to build a stable and prosperous tomorrow

We want to transform how nations and businesses work together to face emerging challenges and create a stronger startup ecosystem for the Alliance’s citizens. We’re focused on attracting like-minded investors, nurturing talent, and ensuring national and economic security by investing in advanced science and technology.

News & Insights

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July 3, 2024

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June 18, 2024

NATO Innovation Fund makes first investments to secure the future of the Alliance’s 1 billion citizens

July 16, 2024

Venture capital could be NATO’s ultimate weapon. Here’s why.

May 22, 2024

The NATO Innovation Fund introduces high-calibre team

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